When Coach Meets HR

Coaching is an emerging industry, relatively new to the corporate world. Its application can be beneficial at all levels of the organization. However, it is currently used mostly at a top-management and executive level. The growing interest in coaching interventions is partly due to the increasing  competitiveness of the business market and the awareness that " people” skills, determination, goal setting and positive attitudes are key ingredients for success. Coaching is increasingly being seamed into Leadership and Talent Development programs and as an integral part of self-driven blended learning.
But is leadership-development coaching best facilitated by the human resources team? Or an internal coach?
Can one coach satisfy the needs of all managers?
When should coaching be outsourced?
And how, if you are an HR professional, do you go about convincing your company executives that coaching is a necessary priority?
Join us on October 29th when we debate this topic and discuss the role coaching can play towards organizational success.