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Balsam Raffoul Moufarrij

Profession Educational and Parental Coach
Email balsamraffoul@gmail.com
Phone 03302925
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/balsam-raffoul-052322142/

"Every person was born to discover their passion .Once we find it we soar through life with inner peace and the love to uncover more challenges..”.

Balsam Raffoul Moufarrij is a coach and master trainer at Leap s.a.r.l.. She specializes in coaching youths and educators. Her main focus is in building future leaders; our youth.

As an educator, she used the holistic approach in her teaching methodology. Her firm conviction is that each person has special strengths and talents which need to be discovered and set free. This conviction gave her recognition among many generations of children and parents who look up to her as an ideal model of education.

She has several years of experience in coaching, counseling and training educators and in directing schools.

Balsam has taught children from ages 3 to 8 on several topics for over 20 years.

She designed and delivered several workshops around diverse topics such as Scribbling, A Milestone in a Child’s Development, Positive Attitude and its Rewards, Conflict Resolution among Students, Independence and Responsibility for parents.

Balsam is a member of the ATD (American Talent Development Association) and LMA (Lebanese Montessori Association).



·BA from LAU

·Montessori Teacher Certificate

·Master Trainer Certificate

·Transformation Coach-Coach Masters Academy ( ACSTH accredited program)