Grace Khleif (PCC)

"How to create a new mind for your new life"

In this 90 minutes webinar you will learn all about the power of the mind and the mindset as well as how to achieve mental fitness and create Peace in a frantic world. You will find out how you can rewire your brain and shift from being a "Saboteur" to being a "Sage" through specific and personalized methods.

Grace Khleif (PCC) is a Professional co-active Life coach, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki master teacher, Theta healer, NLP and EFT practitioner. She teaches emotional intelligence, breathing, mindfulness and meditation to complement her holistic approach to wellness. As a transformational facilitator, she helps her clients improve their life and relationships, reduce their stress and increase their happiness and productivity. As a leadership coach, she empowers women to become leaders in all the roles they take in their family, community and society at large.

This webinar qualifies for 1.5 CCEUS

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