Is it True or Real?

Rania Hammoud

We all have a truth that we believe in and a reality that we fully understand. That’s all right… The problem occurs when your reality collide with the actual one. 

Your truth is your perception and your perception is a reality that is true only for you, not necessary for me…What you see as real is defined by your belief.  

Let me give you an example: 


You go to a job interview, you answer all the questions, you leave thinking that you are the one for this job and they will definitively call you, but, BOOOM, weeks pass by and nobody calls…you start thinking how come they didn’t call you although you are the one for them? Your own reality tells you that… In REAL reality, maybe you don’t have the experience they are looking for, maybe they didn’t feel they can work with you, or maybe you are the one but for some reason the post is closed... Among all those realities you choose to believe yours….is it wrong? It will be if it hinders you to see what really went wrong and try to improve… 

The same problem can also happen when your spouse thinks that you are overreacting, when your friend thinks that your boyfriend is manipulating you, when your mother thinks that you are not taking your life seriously! 

On the other side, if I tell you that Everest is the highest mountain in the World that you cannot climb…this is my reality, my truth, don’t let it hinder you from trying…this is what Maxime Chaaya and many others did …they didn’t listen us, they climbed it… 

And you know what can go worse? When you decide that your perception is the only reality and there is no truth but this one, this will lead you to assumption which automatically lead to judgment to false decisions...and catastrophes happen…hmmm…interesting, no? 


All this wouldn’t have happened if you took 2 seconds at the beginning to verify your reality, what facts it is based on? Are they verified? 

But why you didn’t do this? Because we don't want to affect our image, or it is easier and faster to go with what we believe in…why and how we come we believe in it? We build it through time, we were taught, we were told, we were brought up with it… 

Did I confuse you? Good! it means your brain is still working!

Now what can be done?

The next time your reality contradicts someone else’s reality I suggest you do the following: 


-Slow down 
-Open your mind 
-Listen to what the person is saying 
-Ask questions to understand 
-Compare it with answers you already have 
-Ask yourself, do you want to stick to it because of your ego, your image or because you are convinced with the facts? 
-Change your reality if it doesn’t make sense anymore, it takes courage to do so and doesn’t insult you…

Philip Dick, a science fiction author, said: "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.”

Reality is based on facts, truth is based on perceptions…Be realistic and trust me on this ;) 


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