ICf Committee

ICF Committee Plan:

Invite all new ICF/non LCA members to get to know them and invite them to join the Lebanon Chapter

  1. Raise awareness of ICF accreditation for local coaching schools’ graduates
  2. Explain the value of being part of the Lebanon ICF chapter (What’s in it for me) to potential members
  3. Organize a minimum of 6 education activities with Continuing Coach Education :

Supervision doesn’t count

They can be either in Core Competencies or in Personal development

ICF can also help us by providing us with connections to webinars organized by other chapters and that count as CCE

They can be free of charge for members or paying

  1. Public Events: Create at least 2 events per year to the public to bring awareness about coaching:

Regional conference with speakers from the region

Local events targeting the market place with ICF global presence

Trade shows/job fairs, universities open house.

  1. Have Lebanon participate in the ICF Prism Award by identifying potential companies that can be winning candidates

7. Contribute yearly to the International Coaching Week (ICW) by organizing pro-bono coaching sessions to the public:

a) Identify 2-3 NGO wach year to present coaching topics to

b) Identify 2-3 schools to offer coaching to either their staff or their su=tudents

c) Organize one event open to the public where pro-bono laser coaching is offered as well as 1-2 workshops


Website needs to reflect the changes in name and have the ICF logo added.

The Chapter should maintain records of its activities, programs and finances and provide ICF with a written annual report


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