Media and Promotion Committee

Purpose: The main goal of this committee is to shed the light on ICF Lebanon chapter coaches, events, projects and plans, to reach larger number of people using television, radios, magazines, newspapers, and bloggers…

Tools: As we all know a big change has occurred in the media field. The classical way to promote a product has tremendously changed and became easier and within anyone’s reach.

In order to promote and bring awareness to a bigger number of people, the committee plans to:

• List all medias with the names of journalists who cover social and cultural events.

• List websites that cover and promote cultural and social events.

• Get in touch with journalists and invite them to try coaching and/or attend LCA events.

• List some well-followed bloggers and invite them to ICF Lebanon events.

• Get in touch with the editors in chief of magazines to try to implement a coaching topic in their summary.

• Get in touch with TV and radio producers to try to create coaching topics within the social and cultural programs.

• List the companies that sell SMS, send mailing ads...

• Brainstorm on how to brand ICF Lebanon.

• Label items with ICF Lebanon logo and name such as pens, notebooks, etc


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