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Adel Pour Hakimi

Profession Personal Development Life Coach- ICF Certified- ACC
Email [email protected]
Phone +96170447997




"I am an ICF Certified Life Coach specialized mainly in coaching on personal development & growth. I started my professional journey in the Business & Finance field back in 2013. I hold a Masters in Finance & I am recognized as a Certified Management Accountant CMA.  In 2019, I decided to make the big CHANGE in my career & get into a profession that was more aligned to my identity, values, & passion. Therefore, I went into life coaching. I completed my Life Coaching training program with an ICF accredited institution & was recognized as an ICF Certified Life Coach in 2021. In 2022, I earned my ACC credential from ICF. I work one on one with clients & conduct private workshops & with institutions related to personal development (Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Healthy Relationships).
Everything starts with a CHANGE whether it is in mindset, perspective, behavior, or action. Therefore, I partner with clients to discover together what changes are needed to be made & how to execute them in order to fulfill their potential & achieve goals related to their personal development & growth.  It is never too late to make major CHANGES in our lives whether we are considering a career shift, a new life style, a change in habit, or even looking for something completely different.  What matters the most is playing our role in life & continuing to develop as growth is a never-ending journey.

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