Volunteer Coaching

Thank you for your interest to book a coaching session provided to you by ICF Lebanon and EVENTA through our joint program: "Volunteer Wellness”

Kindly choose a coach from the below list and contact them directly to book your complementary coaching session!

Name Mobile Email Coaching Language Availability

En Ar Fr
Balsam 03-302925 [email protected] X X
Ghada Yared 03-313213 [email protected] X X
Grace Khleif 03-724033 [email protected] X X Flexible
Jennifer Saliba 35796873176 [email protected] X X X Flexible
Jennifer Tabet 03-939354 [email protected] X X X Flexible
Manal Naboulsi 03-646095 [email protected] X X Flexible
Michele Fattal 71-505292 [email protected] X X Flexible
Minou Hexspoor 70-149522 [email protected] X Flexible
Mirvat Bakkour 70-868404 [email protected] X X Flexible
Myrna Baroudy Makhlouf 03-351997 [email protected] X X X Flexible
Nadine Zeinoun Khoury 03-628688 [email protected] X X Fridays 11am-1pm
Nayla Sioufi Yazbeck 03-551750 [email protected] X X X Flexible
Noha Bader 03-170456 [email protected] X X Flexible
Rana El-Saadi 76-727909 [email protected] X X Flexible
Rima Itani 76-176854 [email protected] X X Flexible
Rima Sobek 70-523743 [email protected] X After September 20
Rola Sheikh 71-332010 [email protected] X X Flexible
Roula Eid Sawan 03-359873 [email protected] X X X Flexible
Roula Saba Mhanna 03-211275 [email protected] X X X Tuesdays 5-7pm
Sandy Bassil 70-726999 [email protected] X X Flexible
Sivine El-Khatib 03-200532 [email protected] X X Flexible
Tina Jarrous 03-351175 [email protected] X X X Thursdays 9am -12pm


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