Our Coaches

Christina Merhej

Teens, parents, and relationships

Clara Nader

Mindset & Engagement Coach for Organizations - Clarity & Healing Coach for individuals

Corinne Boulad

Life & Career Coach

Cynthia Rizkallah

Registered labor and delivery suite nurse with a masters in community and public health nursing (minor in education - Certified transformative pregnancy coach - Breastfeeding specialist - Doula
Ain Aar – Metn

Dana Zaarour

Relationship Coach - Corporate environment and Personal life

Dania Dbaibo Darwish

Life, Career, & Relationship Coach
Abdel Aziz street, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

Dayana Kanaan

Speech Language Pathologist - High-Performance Behavioral - Coach Life Coach - Family Coach

Dolly Emmanuel

Beauty advisor & Display team leader at Fattal company - Life Coach

Doris Saouma

Leadership Coach (executive and teams) - CPCC, ACC (PCC in-process), ORSC, TLC

Elida Atallah

Personal development – relationships - Transformative coaching

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