Our Coaches

Jennifer Saliba

Certified Essential Life Coach

Jessica Bou Akl

Certified Life Coach

Joe Chahwan

HR Consultant - Learning & Development Specialist

Joelle Chaaya

Leadership Coach

Josiane Khoury

Consultant and Coach in Personal and family relationships

Joumana Mansour

Stress Management Specialist, Certified Personal Growth Coach
American University of Beirut Medical Center(AUBMC)- Hamra

Karla Matar

Life and business coach
Beirut- Sodeco
Sodeco Square Bloc C, Floor 4

Lama Al Masri

Executive Coaching - Leadership Coaching - Career Coaching - Life Coaching

Lara Abi-Abdallaj Kanj

Middle Age Clients, Business & Corporate Clients

Lara Daniel

Life coach - Youth Resilience coach

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